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Mindfulness & Guided Meditation

The Center for Mindful Living- inspiring videos, free mindfulness teachings, and guided meditation:

Meditations led by Tara Brach, PhD- Guided meditations in various categories, such as basic meditations, heart meditations, open awareness, difficult times, and a guided meditation for times of pandemic: tarabrach/guided-meditations/

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center- free guided meditations in English & in Spanish:

UCSD Center for Mindfulness- mindfulness videos, mindful poetry, guided audio & video mindfulness practice:

Bilingual Center for Mindfulness- Spanish language information of mindfulness and guided meditations:

Mindful Heart Center- Japanese speaking mindfulness community resources:

 Movement & Yoga

Online Yoga, various levels:

Yoga with Adriene- free yoga videos by category/intention (awaken, joy, transitions, stress, etc.):

Greatist- yoga videos you can practice at home, including quick sessions, relaxation, and specific body groups:

The Yoga Collective- premier online yoga studio offering meditation and yoga classes and trainings; offering 15-day free trial:

Breathing & Relaxation Techniques

4-7-8 Breathing- “relaxing breath” to manage stress and anxiety:

Harvard Health Publishing- six relaxation techniques to reduce stress:

University of Michigan Health- progressive muscle relaxation for stress management:

Cleveland Clinic- diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing technique:

The Chopra Center- alternate nostril breathing; may be particularly helpful in easing racing thoughts and settling the mind:

Ekhart Yoga- “equal movement” breathing for calming and balancing: