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The Caltech Staff and Faculty Consultation Center (SFCC) provides professional, confidential, brief consultation to active faculty, staff, postdocs and their families or domestic partners at no cost to the user.  Retirees and those covered by COBRA plans may also be eligible to use SFCC’s services. 

The SFCC is staffed by skilled mental health professionals with extensive experience in assisting employees and their families to balance the complex demands of work and personal life.  Individual, couple, and family consultations are available to address a variety of concerns, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, parenting, elder care, work-related stress, and communication challenges with supervisors, employees, or co-workers.

Managers and supervisors are encouraged to consult with the SFCC for assistance in managing challenging situations or implementing changes in the workplace.  SFCC personnel provide support to large and small groups at the Institute during periods of crisis, and offer educational opportunities to support the overall health of the Institute and its employees.

Consultations with the SFCC are confidential, and the information discussed with a counselor is not shared without permission, in keeping with state and federal laws.


If you have further questions about our services or wish to make an appointment, please stop by or call us at (626) 395-8360. Send email to: